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Friday, 5 November 1999

Master Class, Cort Lippe

Master Class, Christopher Dobrian

Pianos & Computer with Duo Runedako, Ruth Neville and Daniel Koppelman
8:00pm Griswold Hall

On November 5, 1999, the Computer Music Department hosted a concert in conjunction with Towson University which featured guest artists Daniel Koppelman and Ruth Neville. They performed pieces by William Kleinsasser, Cort Lippe, Christopher Dobrian, and Daniel Koppelman. All of the composers were in attendance. Computer Music also hosted master classes by the visiting artists.

Scanned program:

Pictures of the event
(click on a picture to view it at full size):
  Andres Hidalgo and Joe Sarlo    The CM crew enjoying a drink with their guests Left side: Chris Dobrian, Karl MacMillan, Joe Sarlo, Greg Boyle Right side: Cort Lippe, David Wetzel, Stephen Stone, Dan Koppelman
  Cort Lippe and Chris Dobrian    Dan Koppelman
  Dan Koppelman    Ruth Neville and Dan Koppelman

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