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Friday, 19 November 1999

Autumn World Premiere
8:00pm Degenstein Center Theater
Susquehanna University in Selingsgrove Pennsylvania

McGregor Boyle's piece Autumn for SATB chamber chorus and computer received its world premiere on November 19, 1999 in Degenstein Center Theater at Susquehanna University in Selingsgrove Pennsylvania. It was performed by the Susquehanna University Chorale, under the direction of Peter Dennee (a Peabody alumnus) as part of their Fall Festival concert.

Autumn is a modest piece based on a computer-generated text that Dr. Boyle created. In performance the sound of the singer's voices are fed to the computer, where they are processed in real time. The resulting sound envelopes the chorus and creates a unique atmosphere, appropriate to the text and music.

On November 20, 1999, Dr. Boyle presented a lecture on some of his compositions. His piece Nightfall: The Lookout for EWI and computer were performed during the lecture by Kelly Boyle.

From the program notes: The composer, MacGregor Boyle write, "Autumn is a relatively simple piece for a small chamber chorus and digital signal processors... The settings of the signal processors change thoughout the piece, processing the sound of the vocal ensemble to provide an electronic "accompaniment" ... The text of Autumn was created with a computer program developed by the computer to produce "poetry".

Scanned program:

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