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Friday, 26 April 2002

Computer Music Concert Exchange II
8:00pm Oberlin Conservatory

Composers and performers from Peabody's Computer Music Department will give a concert of innovative multimedia works featuring computers, digital synthesizers, live performers and vedio at Oberlin Conservatory. This is the third concert of this series in 2002, collaborating with Oberlin Conservatory's TIMARA (Technology in Music and Related Arts).

Pictures of the event
(click on a picture to view it at full size):
  I'll trade your Mountain Dew for one of these. (Asha Srinavasan & Jason Allen)    Can I drink this? (Asha)
  It's the headphone (Joe Sarlo)    New string! (Andres Hidalgo)
     My knees.
  I tell you it's out there!    John: I saw it a few years back.
  These guys   
  Where is that Andres? (Greg Boyle in front of Washington Monument)   
  It's here somewhere...   
  Let me look.    Is it gonna work? (Joe Sarlo)
  Wow. (Joe)   
     Is it working? (Joe)
  Hmmm... (Joe)    Yeah! (Joe)
     Chia-Jui Lee, flute
  Chia-Jui    Chia-Jui
  Chia-Jui    Chia-Jui
  I better grab that Dew!   
  Jason... (Greg Boyle)    Are you guys ready?
  Just follow me    Wait, wait, I'll get it together
  It's affecting our nose. Ilya: Not mine.    Peaceful?
  What are you doing with that finger?    Digital zoom
  Ah huh.    Strike!
     What's down there, John?
     Carl's Jr.
  Andres Hidalgo   
  Greg Boyle and Andres Hidalgo   
Photos by Ichiro Fujinaga

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