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Wednesday, 13 November 2002

Computer Music Seminar, Jason Allen
5:00pm Leakin Hall

Pictures of the event
(click on a picture to view it at full size):
  They will believe anything I say    I will not play softer
  Waiting for the computer to reboot    Kirk Snyder, drums
  Jason Allen    Kirk Snyder, drums
  Jason Allen playing the Wacom Tablet    close-up of computer station
  MAX patch for piece    Score for Beat Species Counterpoint
Photos by Craig Sapp

Composition Department Concert
6:00pm Leakin Hall

Road Signs (2002)
I. One Way
II. Aggressive Driver Imaging in Use
III. Cattle Crossing
IV. No Passing Zone
V. Scenic Byway
VI. Low Clearance
VII. Two-Away Zone --- No Parking Anytime
       Two-Away Zone? No -- Parking Anytime.
VIII. Winding Road
IX. Road Subject to Flooding
X. Stop
Daniel Thomas Davis (b. 1981)
Shannon Angelakis, mezzo-soprano
Daniel Davis, piano
Prelude and Allegro (Waltz) (2001)
Movement I. Prelude
Movement II. Allegro (Waltz)
Adam T. Bradfield (b. 1983)
Steven Jarvi, conductor
Viola 1
Yi-Ping Yang
Jason Fisher
Cody Russell
Viola 2
Patrick LeStrange
Jessica Alberthal
Sarah Curley
Viola 3
Gwendolyn Fisher
Hye-Jin Jung
Ashley Windle
Viola 4
Rachael Cooper
Jared Abbott
Jonathan Morgan
Passacaglia Chris Gainey
Ana Vidovic, guitar
Old World Dances (2002) Adam T. Bradfield (b. 1983)
Sergi Goldman-Hull, violin
Kristin Chadderton, piano
Beat Species Counterpoint (2002) Jason A. Allen (b. 1978)
Kirk Snyder, drums
Jason Allen,
computer stuff

Pictures of the event
(click on a picture to view it at full size):
  Advertisement near the library    Zoom-in on paper hanging from banner
  Daniel Davis, piano (left), Shannon Angelaiks, mezzo-soprano (right)    Viola orchestra coming onstage
  Steven Jarvi, conductor    after Prelude and Allegro, Adam Bradfield (composer) in front
  Ana Vidovic, guitar    Jeffrey Lindon, stange hand
  Audience disscussing the last piece    Kirstin Chadderton, piano (left), Sergi Goldman-Hull, violin (right)
  Russell Nadel, page turner (center)    Kirstin (left), Sergi (right)
  Kirstin (left), Sergi (right)    Kirstin (left), Sergi (right)
  How many musicians does it take to move a drum set?    Jason and Rob miking the drums
  Where is that @$#! volume control?    Jason Allen playing the Wacom tablet
  Kirk Snyder    Jason Allen (left), Kirk Snyder (right)
Photos by Craig Sapp

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