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Tuesday, 6 May 2003

Computer Music Department Concert
7:30pm Griswold Hall

440 J. Anthony Allen & Noah Keesecker
J. Anthony Allen, Zach Crockett, Noah Keesecker, Scott Petersen, Asha Srivivasan, performers
Conversation Michael Mak
Mei-Ching Huang, violin; Craig Sapp, koto
Rondo for Rodent and Computer Billy Reisinger
Bob the Mouse, performer
Nature Futue Synthesis Paul Nelson
Jesse Irons, Amanat Jetha, violines; Erik Klevjer, viola; Jeremy Lamb, violoncello
MME Russell Nadel
Eric Beach, MalletKAT
Shadows Monida Tripp
John Littlejohn; violin
Alone, Dancing Asha Srinivasan
Chia-Jui Lee, flute
Museau de singe Robert Hamilton
Jeremy Baguyos, contrabass; Chryssie Nanou, piano
Beats Ben Mason
An audience member, heartbeat
Song of the Galley Slaves Christopher Gainey
Elizabeth Stewart, soprano
Prikol no. 1 Ilya Mayzus
Aman Jetha, violin; Chryssie Nanou, piano; Julian Pellicano, percussion
Computer Muzak Modular Interchanzheblique Scott Weiser and Matthew Frazao
Scott Weiser and Matthew Frazao, computers
Virtual Fugue Jason Lovelace
Jason Lovelace, MIDI keyboard
Ars Algorhythmica John Paul Young
John Paul Young, didjeridu

Pictures of the event
(click on a picture to view it at full size):
  A/D converter for flex sensors used in 440    Concert setup in progress. (l to r): Paul Nelson, Scott Weiser, Greg Boyle
  Matthew Frazao and Scott Weiser practicing their composition    Noah Keesecker and Jason Allen putting on sensors for their piece
  John Paul Young practicing the didjeridu    Max/MSP patch for 440
  Concert setup with John Paul Young    Noah Keesecker and Jason Allen practicing for 440
  Scott Petersen wired up for 440    Scott Petersen in a trance
  Noah Keesecker and Jason Allen practicing 440    Max patch for Paul Nelson's piece
  Koto setup for Michael Mak's composition, with mouse box in front    Greg Boyle, master of ceremonies
  Performers for 440 with masks on    Paul Nelson's piece, with Jesse Irons putting on headphones for the clicktrack
  Paul Nelson's piece for string quartet and clicktracks.    Eric Beach playing the MalletKAT for Russel Nadel's composition
  Chia-Jui Lee playing Asha Srinivasan's composition    Museau de singe. (l to r) Nicholas Ong, Chryssie Nanou, Robert Hamilton and Jeremy Baguyos
  Nicholas Ong and Chryssie Nanou playing Museau de singe.    Greg Boyle and Ben Mason
  Audience member providing the pulse tempo for Ben Mason's composition    Julian Pellicano, percussion; Ilya Mayzus, computer
  Chryssie Nanou and Aman Jetha during Ilya Mayzus's composition    Ilya Mayzus
  Julian Pellicano    Scott Weiser and Matthew Frazao
  John Paul Young   
Photos by Craig Sapp

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