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Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

2003  Oct  29    ISMIR Concert, Computer Music Consort (Friedburg Hall)
   May  6    CM Dept. Concert, 7:30pm (Griswold)
      8    Graduate Performance Diploma Recital in CM/Piano, Chryssie Nanou, 5:00pm (Friedberg)
      9    Intermedia Fest, 4:00pm (Mattin Center for the Arts)
   Apr  2    Comp. Dept. Concert, 7:00pm (Griswold)
CM Seminar, Rob Hamilton, 5:30pm (314C)
      9    CM Seminar, Chai-Jui Lee, 5:30pm (314C)
      10    CM Seminar, Paul Koonce, 5:30pm (314C)
Comp. Seminar, Joseph Schwantner, 3:30pm (306C)
      16    CM Seminar, Chryssie Nanou, 5:30pm (314C)
      17    Thursday Noon Recital: Prix d'Été Winners, Noon (Friedberg)
      19    24hc, 00:00am (307C)
      23    CM Seminar, Ilya Mayzus, 5:30pm (314C)
      27    Master of Music Recital in CM/Flute, Chia-Jui Lee, 7:00pm (Griswold)
      30    CM Seminar, Jason Lovelace, 5:30pm (314C)
   Mar  3    Peabody Symphony Orchestra Comp. Reading II, 2:30pm (Friedberg)
      5    Peabody Symphony Orchestra Comp. Reading III, 2:30pm (Friedberg)
CM Seminar, TBA, 5:30pm (314C)
      19    Comp. Dept. Concert, 7:00pm (Griswold)
CM Seminar, Craig Sapp, 5:30pm (314C)
      26    CM Seminar, Asha Srinivasan, 5:30pm (314C)
      27    Comp. Seminar, Arthur Bloom, 3:30pm (306C)
      28    Ukiuq Tulugaq (Winter Raven), Matthew Burtner, 8:15pm (Old Cabell Hall)
   Feb  2    Peabody Archives mounts Oral History Project, 4:00pm (Eubie Blake Cultural Center)
      5    CM Seminar, Bill Kleinsasser, 5:30pm (314C)
      10    Comp. Seminar, Joan Tower, 3:30pm (306C)
      12    CM Seminar, Jeremy Baguyos, 5:30pm (314C)
      17    Ballet Mécanique, 7:30pm (Friedberg)
      26    CM Seminar, Matthew Burtner, 4:30pm (314C)
      27    CM Concert, Robert Black, 7:30pm (Griswold)
Comp. Seminar, Paul Nelson, 3:30pm (306C)
   Jan  15    CM Seminar, McGregor Boyle, 5:30pm (314C)
      16    Comp. Seminar, Greg Boyle, 3:30pm (306C)
      22    CM Seminar, Jason Allen, 5:30pm (314C)
      28    Peabody Wind Ensemble Comp. Reading, 3:30pm (Griswold)
      29    Comp. Dept. Concert, 7:00pm (Griswold)
CM Seminar, Geoffrey Wright, 5:30pm (314C)
2002  Dec  4    CM Seminar, Chai-Jui Lee and Chryssie Nanou, 5:00pm (314C)
Comp. Department Concert, 6:00pm (Goodwin Hall)
      5    Comp. Seminar, Christopher Theofanidis, 3:30pm (306C)
      7    World Premiere, Nicholas Maw (London, England)
      11    CM Seminar, Jason Lovelace and Ilya Mayzus, 5:30pm (314C)
      12    Comp. Seminar, Christopher Theofanidis, 3:30pm (306C)
   Nov  6    CM Seminar, Lynn Kowal, 5:30pm (314C)
      8    Comp. Seminar, David Del Tredici, 3:00pm (306C)
      13    Comp. Dept. Concert, 6:00pm (Leakin Hall)
CM Seminar, Jason Allen, 5:00pm (Leakin Hall)
      14    Comp. Seminar, Brentano String Quartet, 3:30pm (Leakin Hall)
      21    Comp. Seminar, Bernadette Brennan, 3:30pm (306C)
   Oct  2    CM Seminar, Jeremy Baguyos, 3:30pm (314C)
      3    Comp. Seminar, Christopher Theofanidis, 3:30pm (306C)
      9    CM Seminar, Rob Hamilton, 5:30pm (314C)
      10    Comp. Seminar, Tobias Picker, 3:30pm (306C)
      16    Comp. Dept. Recital, 8:00pm (Griswold)
CM Seminar, Devin Morrill, 5:30pm (314C)
      17    Comp. Seminar, 3:30pm (306C)
      23    CM Seminar, Craig Sapp, 5:30pm (314C)
      24    Comp. Seminar, Mark Adamo, 3:30pm (306C)
      25    Comp. Dept. Orch. Reading, 2:30pm (Friedberg)
      29    The SCORE Notation Program, Craig Sapp, 5:30pm (314C)
      30    Works for Flute and Electronics, Elizabeth McNutt, 7:30pm (Griswold)
      31    The Halloween Lecture Series, Andrew May, 1:00pm (314C)
Comp. Seminar, Elizabeth McNutt, 3:30pm (306C)
   Sep  19    Comp. Seminar, Dominic Muldowney, 3:30pm (306C)
      25    CM Seminar, Craig Sapp, 5:30pm (314C)
      26    Comp. Seminar, Dominic Muldowney, 3:30pm (306C)
   May  1    CM Seminar, Judith Shatin, 5:30pm (314C)
      2    Prix d'Été Recital, Noon (Friedberg)
      5    "Hyperacusis"
      7    CM Concert, 7:30pm (Griswold)
      10    Johns Hopkins Film Festival
   Apr  3    CM Seminar, 5:30pm (314C)
      4    Seamus 2002 (Iowa City, Iowa)
      10    CM Seminar, 5:30pm (314C)
      13    "Symphony Rocks" Gala (Meyerhoff Hall)
      17    CM Concert Exchange II, 7:30pm (Griswold)
      24    CM Seminar, Andres Hidalgo / Chia-jui Lee, 5:30pm (314C)
      26    CM Concert Exchange II, 8:00pm (Oberlin Conservatory)
   Mar  8    CM Concert Exchange I, 7:30pm (Griswold)
      27    CM Seminar, Greg Boyle, 5:30pm (314C)
   Feb  6    CM Seminar, Karl MacMillan, 5:30pm (314C)
      13    CM Seminar, Ichiro Fujinaga, 5:30pm (314C)
      27    CM Seminar, Ichiro Fujinaga, 5:30pm (314C)
   Jan  23    CM Seminar, 5:30pm (314C)
      30    CM Seminar, Karl MacMillan, 5:30pm (314C)
2001  May  8    CM Concert, 7:30pm (Griswold)
   Apr  10    CM Concert, Gary Lee Nelson, 8:00pm (Griswold)
      12    CM Noon Recital, Noon (Friedberg)
2000  Dec  3    The Peabody CM Consort, 5:00pm (Corcoran Gallery of Art)
   Sep  19    Strings and Machines, Hugh Livingston, 8:00pm (Griswold)
   May  11    Peabody CM Department New Music, 8:00pm (Griswold)
   Apr  5    CM Seminar, Hugh Livingston, 5:30pm (314C)
      15    CM Concert, Alcides Lanza, 8:00pm (Griswold)
      16    Stephanie Shih-yu Cheng debuts at Carnegie Hall (Carnegie Hall)
   Mar  29    CM Seminar, Rodney Waschka, 5:30pm (314C)
      30    CM Thursday Noon Recital, Noon (Friedberg)
1999  Dec  31    New Year's Eve Concert, 11:59pm (Times Square)
   Nov  3    Master Class, William Kleinsasser
      4    Master Class, Daniel Koppelman
      5    Master Class, Christopher Dobrian
Pianos & Computer with Duo Runedako, Ruth Neville and Daniel Koppelman, 8:00pm (Griswold)
Master Class, Cort Lippe
      10    CM Consort, 8:00pm (Maryland Science Center)
      19    Autumn World Premiere, 8:00pm (Degenstein Center Theater)
   May  3    New CM Concert
      5    David Starobin
   Mar  24    Thinking About Listening, Paul Lansky, 5:30pm (Classroom A, Peabody Inn)
      25    Thursday Noon/Prix d'Ete III Concert
   Jan  29    30 Years of Looking to the Future: Concert I, 8:00pm (Friedberg)
Pre-Concert Lecture, Raymond Kurzweil, 6:30pm (Griswold)
      30    30 Years of Looking to the Future: Concert II, 8:00pm (Friedberg)
1998  Nov  3    Maryland Institute College of Art Concert
   Apr  29    New CM Concert
   Mar  26    CM Thursday Noon Concert
   Jan  14    Master Class, Mari Kimura
      21    Master Class, Yasunao Tone
1997  Oct  24    Peabody Here and Now Concert, Meg Sheppard and alcides lanza
   Sep  28    Peabody Open House (Third Floor, Peabody Conservatory)
   May  11    New Music for Humans Interacting with Computers
   Apr  23    The Sixth Sydney M. Friedberg Lecture in Music and Psychology, Carol L. Krumhansl
1996  Oct  30    Maryland Science Center Concert
   Sep  29    Peabody Electronic and CM Open House
   Mar  8    CM Seminar, Cort Lippe
      28    CM Thursday Noon/Prix d'Ete
   Feb  8    Live and Interactive!
      21    Typicality and Individuality in Music Performance: Some Empirical Studies, Bruno H. Repp, 4:00pm (Garrett Room)
1995  Nov  1    Music Mobile
   Oct  18    Lecture and Recital, Max Mathews, Maureen Chowning and Dexter Morrill
   Apr  27    Turing's Prophesy: Intelligent Technology in the 21st Century, Raymond C. Kurzweil, 4:00pm (Arellano Theater, Levering Hall)
Music and Technology in the 21st Century, Raymond C. Kurzweil, Noon (Friedberg)
1994  Nov  2    Lecture, Frank Doris
   Oct  5    Intercambio/Exchange: CM from California and Buenos Aires
      6    Composing and Performing Computer Music with Non-Linear Systems, Chris Chafe, 1:00pm (Leakin Hall)
   Apr  8    The Perception of Musical Timbre: Acoustics, Cognitive Psychology, and Music Composition, Stephen McAdams, Noon (Garrett Room)
1993  Apr  2    25 Years of Looking to the Future, Concert I, 8:15pm (Friedberg)
      3    25 Years of Looking to the Future, Concert II, 8:15pm (Friedberg)
      4    25 Years of Looking to the Future, Concert III, 8:00pm (Merrick Hall)
   Mar  31    25 Years of Looking to the Future: Critics Panel, 7:00pm (Friedberg)
Open Rehearsal, 8:30pm (Friedberg)
   Feb  9    MUSIC AT RISK... a preoccupied world
, Roger Reynolds
1990  Apr  8    The McLean Mix: Pat, Present and Future
1989  Nov  12    Chamber Music Society of Baltimore Concert
1988  Mar  30    20th Anniversary Concert I, 8:15pm (Friedberg)
      31    20th Anniversary Concert II, 8:15pm (Friedberg)
1987  Nov  4    Industrial Arts in Concert
   Oct  14    The Forrest Collection
   Jul  17    Artscape '87 Opening Concert
   Jan  9    CM Consort at Western Maryland College
      30    Expansions 1987
1986  May  14    CM Consort at Salisbury State College
   Feb  15    Out of the Red Zone into the Book of Dreams
      17    Black Noise: CM Consort at Goucher College
      21    Kennedy Center Concert
1985  Jun  7    Full Spectrum: A Weekend of Ballet and Modern Dance
   Feb  23    Interplay: A Multi-Media Concert
1984  Apr  26    A Concert of Electronic and CM
1980  May  3    10th Anniversary Year Festival
1979  Nov  9    Electronic Music Studio: 10th Anniversary Year Concert, 8:15pm (Glass Pavilion)

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