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Departmental Seminars

The Computer Music Departmental Seminars provide an opportunity for Computer Music students and faculty to share their current work and research. Guests from other departments and from outside of the Peabody community are invited to speak on a regular basis.

Seminars are held from 5:30PM to 6:30PM in Conservatory room 314. Please call 410-659-8100x4440 for more information.

Here is a list of seminars this school year:

    2002  Sep  25    CM Seminar, Craig Sapp, 5:30pm (314C)
       Oct  2    CM Seminar, Jeremy Baguyos, 3:30pm (314C)
          9    CM Seminar, Rob Hamilton, 5:30pm (314C)
          16    CM Seminar, Devin Morrill, 5:30pm (314C)
          23    CM Seminar, Craig Sapp, 5:30pm (314C)
       Nov  6    CM Seminar, Lynn Kowal, 5:30pm (314C)
          13    CM Seminar, Jason Allen, 5:00pm (Leakin Hall)
       Dec  4    CM Seminar, Chai-Jui Lee and Chryssie Nanou, 5:00pm (314C)
          11    CM Seminar, Jason Lovelace and Ilya Mayzus, 5:30pm (314C)
    2003  Jan  15    CM Seminar, McGregor Boyle, 5:30pm (314C)
          22    CM Seminar, Jason Allen, 5:30pm (314C)
          29    CM Seminar, Geoffrey Wright, 5:30pm (314C)
       Feb  5    CM Seminar, Bill Kleinsasser, 5:30pm (314C)
          12    CM Seminar, Jeremy Baguyos, 5:30pm (314C)
          26    CM Seminar, Matthew Burtner, 4:30pm (314C)
       Mar  5    CM Seminar, TBA, 5:30pm (314C)
          19    CM Seminar, Craig Sapp, 5:30pm (314C)
          26    CM Seminar, Asha Srinivasan, 5:30pm (314C)
       Apr  2    CM Seminar, Rob Hamilton, 5:30pm (314C)
          9    CM Seminar, Chai-Jui Lee, 5:30pm (314C)
          10    CM Seminar, Paul Koonce, 5:30pm (314C)
          16    CM Seminar, Chryssie Nanou, 5:30pm (314C)
          23    CM Seminar, Ilya Mayzus, 5:30pm (314C)
          30    CM Seminar, Jason Lovelace, 5:30pm (314C)

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